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Middletown, NY
Middletown, NY
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Village Government
Board of Trustees
The Village of Fleischmanns Village Board meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Skene Memorial Library or via Zoom. Email village office for zoom link.
Mayor: Fred Woller
Deputy Mayor: Larry Reilly
Trustees: Larry Reilly . Dan Halpren . Jennifer Barrows . Ben Fenton
Village Clerk: Stacie Skelly
Village Treasurer: Winifred Zubin

Phone: (845) 254-5514
Fax: (845) 254-4571
Archive of Meeting Minutes

Planning Board
The Village of Fleischmanns Planning Board meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Skene Memorial Library or via Zoom if there is business to be conducted regarding building applications & zoning law.
Chair: Jason Wadler
Board Members:
Rob Allison • JRob Allison . John Fronckowiak . Igal Goffman . Jennifer Walsh
County Planning Board Liaison: Kent Manuel

2018_01_08 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_02_02 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_03_12 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_04_09 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_05_14 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_06_11 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_07_09 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_09_12 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_10_09 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_10_26 Village Board Special Meeting Minutes
2018_11_14 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2018_12_10 Village Board Meeting Minutes

2017_1_9 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_2_13 Village Board Meeting Minutes(2)
2017_3_13 Village Board Meeting Minutes Good # 1(1)
2017_3_30 Special Meeting minutes(1)
2017_4_17 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_5_1 Budget Hearing and Special Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_7_10 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_8_14 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_9_11 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_10_11 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_11_13 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)
2017_12_11 Village Board Meeting Minutes(1)

2016_6_30 Special Meeting Minutes
2016_7_11 Village Board Meeting Minutes Good
2016_8_8 Board Meeting Minutes
2016_9_12 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2016_10_17 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2016_11_14 Village Board Meeting Minutes
2016_12_12 Village Board Meeting Minutes

Village of Fleischmanns Planning Board Minutes November 15, 2018

Village of Fleischmanns Planning Board Minutes September 9, 2019

Fleischmanns Zoning Law

Design Guidelines Fleischmanns 9-30-10

Fleischmanns Comprehensive Plan Chapter 1-6 12-11-09

Fleischmanns Comp Plan Chapters7-11 12-11-09

Fleischmanns Comprehensive Plan Chapter12 12-11-09

Village of Fleischmanns Code Enforcement Form

ZBA Minutes January 18th, 2018

ZBA Minutes February 15th, 2018

ZBA Minutes March 15th, 2018

Zoning Board of Appeals
The Village of Fleischmanns Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Skene Memorial Library or via Zoom if there is business to be conducted.
Chair: Bill Birns
Board members: Yvonne Reuter, Miguel Martinez-Riddle, John Granito, Ben Leer

Code Enforcement Officer / Zoning Enforcement Officer
Building permits, point of contact for all zoning and building issues
Officer: Hiram Davis
(845) 586-2344 /

Volunteer Fire Department #1
Regular monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the firehall
Fire Chief: Todd Wickham
1st Asst. Chief: Leland Johnson
2nd Asst. Chief: Joshua Wickham
Captain: Marshall Bouton
1st Lieutenant: Billy Haynes
2nd Lieutenant: Grant Cure
President: Danny Cella
Vice President: Rich O'Hara
Secretary: Kimberly Wickham
Treasurer: Igor Gofman

Fire Department Board of Directors:
Albert Dubrava
Todd Wickham
Richard O'Hara
Tom Miller
Jackie Van Valkenburgh
Robert Van Valkenburgh
Karl von Hassel

Town of Middletown Justice Court
Town Justice: Hon. John R Fairbairn III

Physical Address: 42339 State Highway 28, Margaretville, NY 12455
Mailing Address: PO Box 552, Margaretville, NY 12455
Phone: 845 586-2575 / Fax: 845 586-2577

Highway Superintendent: Fred Woller